Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Wedding trends and ideas

photo courtesy of Tiffany Dawn Nicholson

There are many ways in which you can add your own special touch to your wedding day. It's the little details that guest really appreciate and make a wedding extra special. I've put together a list of  some of my favourite trending wedding details, many of these ideas are inexpensive and won't cost a fortune to incorporate into your own wedding.

1) Wedding bells have played a role in Irish weddings for many a year. Read more about the role of bells in Irish wedding traditions and customs here.

A lovely modern adaptation is the

kissing bell

 I love these tiny tinkly bells which function as both place cards and wedding favours. These kissing bells tick all the boxes, they are functional, inexpensive and make a great keepsake for your guests. The bells are rung by guests as the bride and groom enter the reception room.

Kissing Bells Wedding Placecard Holder (Set of 24)

The placecards hold a poem on one side, "Today, as we gather together, wish us a love to last forever. If you would like us to share a wedded kiss, ring the bell for lifelong bliss.", with room on the opposite side to write your guests name.

Wedding signs

are becoming really popular but can be hard to source in Ireland.

Gisela Graham Wooden Wedding Arrow
personalised wedding sign from special pressies in Cork

Heirloom brooch bouquets

make a lovely keepsake of your special day and are a great talking point for guest during the reception.

See more about heirloom brooch bouquets in ireland here
As many couples have already set up home before the marriage ceremony, cash gifts have become more acceptable and desireable, especially in the present economic climate.  Many brides and grooms are now electing to have a

wedding card box

or a

wedding wishing well

at their reception to collect their gift cards. Here are a few of my favourites, all really inexpensive and accessible.

Wedding Cards Post Mail Receiving Box Wishing Well - in Soft White (Off White)

Large Wedding Wishing Well Card Posting Box

Wedding Card Box 30cmx 30cm x30cm

Wedding wish tree's

are a lovely alternative to the traditional wedding guestbook.. Tags are provided to the guests who can then write their own personal messages which are then hung on the tree to make a lovely decorative centre piece during the reception and all the wishes make a sweet keepsake of the day.

Silver Wedding Wish Wishing Tree Table Decoration 32 inch

This lovely decorative birdcage could also be used as an alternative to a guestbook. Just provide postcards or tags for your guests to write their good wishes on, then place in the cage.


Mad Libs

are a fun and interactive alternative to the traditional guestbook. This example is free to download over at Love vs design


..especially for your shabby chic, marquee or vintage wedding.

Vintage Style Shabby Chic Country Garden Cotton Fabric Bunting

Check out these

table plan holders

, they make a nice alternative to the usual white board displayed at most wedding functions.

Vintage Style Cream Square Heart Wedding Table Plan / Card Photo Holder

Aora Large Wedding Table Plan Holder

Well, hopefully, I've given you a little food for thought ....Happy planning. XXX

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