Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thank you's and attributions

So.... I've spent a bit of  lots of  time over the weekend (sorry kids) trying to pretty up my blog ...I've got a lot more work to do on the layout..yada..yada..yada BUT over the course of the weekend I have found a couple of sites that I have just fallen totally in LOVE with and have to mention them to say...


There are some incredibly talented artists out there who are kind enough to share their talent for free and this recession hit blogger is extremely grateful.

Firstly, I love my new header, I found it on PaisleyCat's free blog design. Packed full of vintage inspiration, you've GOT to visit. I've grabbed the button and it's in the sidebar just click to go straight to the site.

Next, sweetly scrapped, packed full of gorgeous backgrounds and headers. I've grabbed some freebies and am working on implementing them. I could spend hours on this site.

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