Friday, 28 September 2012

DIY wedding craft project

When you're a DIY bride looking for  DIY wedding decorations for church, you will often find yourself  tettering on the border between tackyland and stun city. If you find yourself shaking your head in bewilderment as you ponder the inticacies of  "crochet angel center pieces"  then you know that you have strayed into tackland, my friend..

It slowly dawned on me that I had wasted way too much time in tackyland. With new found confidence I strode past  the "tatty pieces of curtain lining, tied to a curtain pole, proclaiming itself to be the ultimate wedding back drop", without a backward glance and continued on my journey to stun city.. but the journey was long and just when I was  beginning to loose all hope and think that I had  totally lost my way and that  I would  never ever reach stun city..I came across a tutorial for paper pomander balls. The bells stared ringing and Alexandra Burke started singing Alleluia!!

As a DIY wedding craft project,these pomander balls tick all the boxes. They are decorative, they are stunning and pretty to look at, they are a low cost DIY wedding craft project... AND they are EASY to make...I could totally make these, if I followed the tutorail provided by thoughts by Alice

Supplies needed for this DIY Wedding project:

1) Coffee filters- shouldn't be too hard to come by, widely available, when in doubt visit Dunnes stores or Tesco's. Cost approx 1.50 for a pack of 40 melita filters, you'll need 3 packs to create 25-30 petals/posies, so total cost of filters per pomander ball is approx 4.50.

2) For dyeing the petals you'll need tea and red food dye, available in homebaking section of most supermarkets for approx 1.50.

3) The tutorial calls for polystyrene balls. I've saved you all a whole lot of time. Polystyrene balls are stocked by the crafters basket, based in sligo, available to order online polystyrene balls 8cm (3.5") costs 50 cents, 10cm ball (3.94") costs 60 cents.

4) Craft pins: also from crafters basket 3.80 for a shed load 25gms.

So total cost of this diy wedding project is approx 7.00.

Time between dyeing and constructing is 24hrs max.

Satisfaction value..limitless



Nicole Thompson said...

Your paper pomander balls are actually nice! I think its interesting and refreshing to see some DIY concepts reflected in one's wedding ceremony supplies and decorations. A treat for the eyes!:)

Sarah Maguire said...

Thanks Nicole!!! I think these pomander balls are incrediblby pretty also.