Friday, 31 August 2012

Church wedding songs and hymns (intro)

Image courtesy of Steve Snodgrass

Brides often leave their choice of music for their marriage ceremomy until the last minute (or was it just me?). Well let's face it with so many other details to plan it often takes low priority and at the time doesn't seem that important with so many other huge decisions to be made THE dress..HeLLo people!!

However, many a musician or wedding singer will use the quote "music is the food of love"...and they are right.
You want a memorable wedding day but truthfully, let's get truthful together and admit  shhhushh..we ALL want a wedding that people will remember and talk about forever.. Reality check! most of our guests aren't going to remember all the lovely touches, subconciously they will, everything we do makes a difference but the main ingredients are the food and the music. People remember outstanding food and music. So as "a rule of thumb" maybe give as much time to deciding your music menu as your food menu.

One of the most popular

Irish wedding songs

would have to be "She moved through the fair"...though check with your celebrant because some Irish priest's won't allow it.
A beautiful rendition from Sinead O'Connor.


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