Friday, 31 August 2012

Heirloom brooch bouquets

Photo from the collection at Chives & Roses

Heirloom brooch bouquets are a great way to personalise your wedding and create an everlasting keepsake of your special day. These bouquets inevitably become a talking point, with brides often commenting that their brooch bouquet spent most of the day being passed around from one admiring guest to another. This is especially true if the heirloom bridal bouquet contains random pieces of jewellery passed down or donated by relatives or loved ones. Items such as brooches, earrings, crosses and even rosary beads can all be incorporated into your heirloom bridal bouquets.Brooch bouquets are also very versatile, easily adapted to make perfect vintage bouquets.

Check out these bouquets by Chives & Roses based in Galway. Heirloom bridal bouquets can be heavy..because they are literally dripping with Jewels (we wish !) but the artistic hands over at Chives & Roses have developed a fresh take on heirloom bouquets producing delicate light weight bouquets.

These heirloom brooch bouquets by Chives & Roses are divine and totally bespoke, incoporating each brides personal pieces. I love the use of colour in the bridal brooch bouquets pictured below.

Fresh flowers are often seasonal, so if you're finding it hard to find flowers for your autumn wedding wouldn't this heirloom bridal bouquet be perfect for your wedding day?


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