Sunday, 19 August 2012

Body shape guide

We come in all shapes and forms, tall, short, big busted, flat chested, fuller figured, skinny ...The female form is a thing of beauty, yet I don't know any female who is totally happy with her body...."Does my bottom look big in this?" admit it! You've either asked this question yourself or you know someone who has.

 At it's most basic level, there are 4 different body types, the rectangle (also called banana or athletic),the hourglass, the triangle (or pear shaped), the inverted triangle. By taking our body shape into account we can dress to accentuate our best features while camoflaging or drawing attention away from our problem areas.

Knowing your body shape and knowing the details that will enhance our figure becomes very important when shopping for a wedding dress.

The rectangle (banana or athletic

Your shoulder measurements are very close to your hip measurements.
You have a smaller bust.
Your upper body is proportionate to your lower body.
You probably have great legs.
Your waist isn't well defined.

General fashion details that enhance a rectangular figure (banana or athletic):
Dresses with pre-formed cups.
Ruching detail at bustline.
Layered looks.
Fitted tops or dresses with gathers.

The hourglass

Think Marilyn Monroe...the epitome of female figure..and she was a size 16 (uk).
The bust and hip measurements are roughly the same.
You have a narrow waist.

General fashion details which enhance an hourglass figure:
Fitted clothes, but not too tight, if in doubt go a size bigger.
All shaped skirts but in particular a pencil skirt teamed with a v neck or tucked in shirt unbottoned to reveal a little cleavage.
Diagonol draping from waist to hip to disguise tummy (if a problem area).
High waisted wide legged trousers.

The triangle (pear shaped)

Your hip measurement is larger than your bust measurement.
You may have recently asked someone "Does my bottom look big in this?"
When you put on weight it goes straight to your hips and thighs.
You may have a flat tummy.
You may have slim neck and shoulders.

Fashion details which enhance a triangular figure (pear shaped):
Items with Puff sleeves.
Nipped waists or waist details.
Sweetheart or square necklines.
Dresses with draping.

The inverted triangle (apple shape)

Your bust measurement is larger than your hip measurement.
Your chest measurement is large for your frame...and you either love this fact or hate it.
You have slim legs and bottom.
When you put on weight it goes straight to your midsection.

Fashion details which enhance an inverted triangle (apple shape):
V necks.
Chiffon based pieces.
Jackets with narrow lapels.
Dress with draping to enhance waist.

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