Saturday, 21 July 2012

DIY wedding freebies

Update: We recognise that

DIY wedding freebies

can't be covered by a single post, so we have decided to dedicate a whole page to our favourite templates for DIY Wedding printables. We will be adding new free templates regularily so be sure to check back regularily.

The net is awash with free clip art and free wedding related templates, from free wedding planning tools, to free mass booklet templates, free invitation templates, the list is endless.

If you have a computer then chances are that you also have a printer and

personalising a free online template is a great way to shave a bit of money off your wedding budget. Just personalise a template, print and send.

For a professional look make sure to print out on good quality stock card. A printed enveloppe label also adds to the look.

Microsoft have a number of free wedding planning tools, including the  wedding budget planner which you can download for free.

Microsoft also offer a number of invitation templates, which you can personalise and print out at home. My favourites include the vine scroll and the more traditional heart scroll design

It's always a good idea to include a Wedding Invitation response card to help you keep on top of the guest numbers.

Avery also offer a huge range of free personalised wedding invitation and favour label templates which you can personalise and print at home.

A fab irish site for free personalised mass booklet templates.

We've dedicated a whole page to which will be updated regularily

free wedding printables

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